Download or Compile gocryptfs

If you are running Fedora or a Debian-based Linux distribution like Ubuntu, chances are that the precompiled binaries will work on your system. Download the corresponding binary for your system from the github releases page and extract the archive into ~/bin.

If you want or need to compile from source, see the Compile page for instructions.

Once you have gocrypts in ~/bin, running

$ ~/bin/gocryptfs -version

should print a version string like this:

gocryptfs v0.x; on-disk format 2

Create and Mount Filesystem

$ mkdir cipher plain
$ ~/bin/gocryptfs -init cipher
$ ~/bin/gocryptfs cipher plain

You should now have a working gocryptfs that is stored in cipher and mounted to plain. You can verify it by creating a test file in the plain directory. This file will show up encrypted in the cipher directory.

$ touch plain/test.txt
$ ls cipher
  gocryptfs.conf  gocryptfs.diriv  ZSuIZVzYDy5-TbhWKY-ciA==