Download or Compile gocryptfs

Precompiled binaries that work on all x86_64 Linux systems are available for download from the github releases page.

On Debian, gocryptfs is available as a deb package:

$ apt install gocryptfs

On Mac OS X, gocryptfs is available as a Homebrew formula:

$ brew install gocryptfs

On Fedora, gocryptfs is available as an rpm package:

$ sudo dnf install gocryptfs

If you want to compile from source, see the Compile page for instructions.

Once you have gocrypts installed, running

$ gocryptfs -version

should print a version string like this:

gocryptfs v1.4.3; go-fuse v20170619-28-g19acbd2; 2018-02-01 go1.9.2

Create and Mount Filesystem

$ mkdir cipher plain
$ gocryptfs -init cipher
$ gocryptfs cipher plain

You should now have a working gocryptfs that is stored in cipher and mounted to plain. You can verify it by creating a test file in the plain directory. This file will show up encrypted in the cipher directory.

$ touch plain/test.txt
$ ls cipher
  gocryptfs.conf  gocryptfs.diriv  ZSuIZVzYDy5-TbhWKY-ciA==