Contributing to gocryptfs

If you want to take part in the gocryptfs projects, there are a few ways you can contribute:


Check out the open feature requests (and possibly bugs). There is still a few long-hanging fruits and assistance is available.

There are no CLAs to sign or anything, just get going and send a pull request. You'll probably learn more than you ever wanted to know about low-level filesystem operations ;)


There are no plans to have a way of donating money to the gocryptfs project directly.

You can however, set bounties on features you would like to see implemented. Create a ticket on Github (or choose an existing one) and post a bounty on bountysource or a similar service.


gocryptfs currently does not have a mailing list. What would be needed are hosting and, maybe more importantly, looking after and maintaining the list. This includes answering frequent questions. A searchable archive is needed as well.


I try to keep the website updated as well as I can, but especially the Comparison page has a lot of data that can go out of date. If you can imagine adopting it you are very welcome. So you know what are getting into, here is the source code ;)

Also, all comments on other gocryptfs documentation (like the man page are welcome. Pull requests that fix typos are encouraged.